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Next Model


Our next planned model, in work at this time, is the S-58 Sikorsky. It will be fully scale, with four-blade rotor head, and four-blade tail rotor. More to come soon..........

Future Project

Kaman H43 Huskie.

As we are planning for the future. We are working on the mechanics and scale fuselage for the Kaman H43 Huskie. We feel this unique model will be welcomed, for no one has produced this helicopter in the United States, as far as we know. We plan to use some well known, top notch scale RC modelers for this project. We will keep you updated.

More scale you say?

American RC Helicopters will produce the Jet Ranger with more scale detail, and provide upgrades to rigid rotor, two and four blade rotor heads.

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About us

American RC Helicopter, Inc (formerly Kavan R.C. Helicopters) was formed in April 2007. We took delivery of the entire inventory of parts, molds, and all rights to the legendary Kavan line of rc helicopters in June 2007. Since then, we have been working as fast as we could to complete this website as well as preparing the parts on our site for you to purchase.





Tom Gregory at IRCHA. Even after 14 years out of production, almost all who came to the exhibit knew the legendary RC helicopters at first site. The helicopters pictured are the original display models made for Franz Kavan and used in brochures and advertisements.

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